Richmond Township,Crawford County, Pennsylvania
 Interested in renting the Richmond Township shelter or building?
                                                     Please contact Dave Crago at 814-967-3551
                                                                                       Shelter Rental - $30.00
                                                                                      Building Rental - $50.00
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 May 25, 2015, Memorial Day Service, 10:00 AM at the
  Township Recreation Center  

Adkinson, A. M.

Agnew, Tracey M Peters

Alexander, John R.

Alexander, Richard

Allhiser, Albert

Andrews, Harry

Andrews, James,

Andrews, Peter

Andrews, Steve

Archer, James

Archer, James L. Jr.

Baker, Robert A.

Baldwin, Isaac

Baldwin, David

Blackmer, Leonard

Barnes, Betty Jo

Bennett, Irvin

Bertram, Fredrick

Bertram John

Bidwell, Gerald

Bidwell, James Lyle

Bidwell, Ralph Lester

Boor, Frank

Boor, Pete

Boyer, Brett

Boyer, Gene

Boyer, Harold

Boyer, Howard

Boyer, Joseph

Boyer, Kenny

Boyer, Walden

Boyer, Walter

Boyle, Harold “CHUM”

Bradick, George

Bradish, Robert R.

Bresee, Prentice

Britton, Glenn

Britton, Paul

Britton, Robert

Britton, Winifred

Bradley, Colby

Brooks, Jeffrey

Brown, Homer,

Brown, Lewis

Brown, Robert

Brown, Rosce W.

Bryant, Allen

Bryant, Fredrick D.

Bryant, Jeffery L.

Bull, William

Burch, John

Buri, Martin

Buri, Michael

Burt, John

Caldwell, Arthur

Caler, Roy F.

Campbell, Edward

Camberlin, Oscar

Cannon, John

Capron, Matthew J.

Carpenter, Jack

Carpenter, James “Jim”

Carpenter, Riley

Carpenter, William

Carr, Caleb

Carr, Edwin

Carr, Hiram

Cass, Ray

Castile, Harmon

Castile, James E.

Castile, Kenneth

Catlin, Bonnie L.

Catlin, Christopher J.

Chandler, Ray

Childs, Aden

Childs, Joseph O.

Clark, Adam G.

Clark, Jeremiah

Clark, Silas

Cole, Dean

Colfax, William

Cook, Paul

Corey, Lyman

Cornwell, Jamie

Cornwell, Paul Sr.

Couden, Thompson L.

Coulson, Fred

Crandall, Welcome

Crocker, Ray

Crum, Raymond “Jake”

Culver, Arthur

Culver, Gary

Danforth, Troop B.

Daniels, Herman Jr.

Darling, Perry

Davenport, Earl

Davidson, James D.

Decker, Abraham

DeFrancesco, Christian

DeFrancesco, Luigi

Delamater, Fayette

Delamater, John S.

Dempsey, N. Brian

Doerr, Gretchen

Drake, Gary

Dine, Clarence “Dutch”

Drake, Shawn

Duda, Alfred

Duda, Edward

Duda, John

Duda, Tony

Dunlap, Charles E.

Ellis, Reuben

Ervin, Bradie

Ervin, Lyle

Ervin, Rebecca M.

Farrar, James H.

Farrelly, Ellis M.

Farrelly, Etta C.

Fisher, Kenneth

Fisher, Robert

Fitchner, Arden Dalton

Fitch, Carl E.

Fleek, Earl

Flint, Earl

Flint, Frank

Flint, Jack

Flint, Loren

Flint, Luke

Fosburg, Delbert

Fosburg, Robert

Frew, Sherman

Galford, Phillip

Gawlinski, Frank

Gayetty, Carl F.

Geer, Worlo

Gleason, Matthais G.

Gray, George

Green, James

Gregg, Paul

Grove, Jacob Andrew

Grove, James Andrew

Grove, Joseph

Hall, James

Hall, Richard

Hanold, Arthur

Hanold, Tim

Hammond, William

Harmon, Robert

Harris, Charles

Harris, D.E.

Hayden, Jeffery

Hayden, L. Thomas

Hayes, Chauncy C.

Headrick, Harry

Held, Margaret M.Kirk

Hill, Bri

Holcomb, John

Holcomb, Rex

Holcomb, Robert

Hollabaugh, Jonathon

Horton, Robert

Hotchkiss, Cornelius C.

HotchKiss, George

Hotchkiss, Howard I

Howard, Charles

Howard, Douglas “Herky”

Howard, Douglas Hugh

Howard, Thomas Charles

Howard, William

Hull, Hiram G.

Hull, Howard

Humes, Carl

Humes, Fred

Humes, Leslie

Humes, Merle

Humes, Richard D.

Hunt, David

hunt, earnest J.

Hunt, William H.

Hutchinson, Leo

James, Robert M.

Johns, Larry

Johnson, Amos A.

Johnson, Ben

Johnson, Richard

Jones, Edward

Jones, Seth

Jouver, Charles A. Jr.

Judd, Clarence

Jump, Herbert

Kane, Izaiah

Karnes, W.A

Katulich, Charles

Katulich, Michael

Katulich, Rudolph

Kelley, William

Kennedy, Charles

Kennedy, James

Kennedy, Richard

Kennedy, Robert

Kinnear, Chad

Kirk, David

Kirk, Edwin

Kirk, Elton

Kirk, ThEodore A.

Kirk, Timothy

Kline, Dean

Knapp, Theodore M.

Knapp, Theodore Merle

Kramer, Elmer

Laipple, Charles

Lester, Thomas

Lester, Solomon

Lingo, John

Lippencott, Kevin

Livermore, Dale

Livermore, Milton

Looker, James O.

Lucas, Herbert “Boots”

Lucas, Herbert E. iii

Luzier, Arthur Lynn

Luzier, David Allen

Lyon, Thomas J.

Maillard, Lynn

Manninen, Arnold

Marovich, George

Marovich, Peter W.

Marvin, Clayton

Marvin, Raymond

Mattison, Thomas Calvin

McFadden, Andrew J.

McFadden, William

McNamara, William F.

McQueens, Charles B.

Metzler, Charles

Meyers, Charles

Meyers, Mendal

Miller, Orein Williard

Mitrich, Nick

Mitrich, Peter

Mitcham, Victor

Morgan, Edward

Morgan, Thomas

Morse, George

Morris, Frank

Morrone, William

Morton, Kayla

Muckinhaupt, Peter

Mulidoro, John “Jack”

Mumford, Hugh Dale

Muth, Robert C.

Myers, Charles

Myers, David

Myers, Donald M.

Myers, Ethan C.

Nale, Miles N.

O’Bagy, Albert WM. Sr.

O’Bagy, Albert WM. Jr.

Obert, Donald

Orr, Meridith

Orr, Morrison

Orr, Ralph

Pafics, Adam

Patchelumas, Anthony

Pearl, John

Peters, Douglas M.

Peters, Earl J.

Plaw, Otis

Polley, Orrin

Pond, Ernest

Pond, Leon O.

Pond, Marion

Pond, May

Popovich, Frank

Popovich, George

Porter, William R.

Porter, William

Potts, Robert D.

Potts, Robert J.

Proper, Robert

Pusz, William

Rath, Sidney

Resinger, Daniel C.

Resinger, James L.

Reynolds, Robert

Richardson, Paul

Richardson, William

Rodgers, frank Ellsworth

Root, Rosco

Rupert, Charles

Rushlanders, John

Saeger, Earl

Saeger, Gene

Saeger, Gerald

Saeger, Lloyd

Saeger, Robert

Sanderson, John

Saulsgiver, George Jr.

Sayer, IsAac

Sayer, James

Schere, Conrad

Schiller, Frank

Schreffler, Duane

Schreffler, Thomas

Scott, Gary

Scott, Peggy A.

Scott, Timothy P.

Sech, Charles

Sech, Matthew

Sech, Robert

Sech, Stanley

sech, William

Setta, Anthony “Tony”

Setta, Joseph

Setta, Lewis

Shade, Wesley C.

Sharpe, Richard A.

Shaw, Dennis J. (“DJ”)

Sheeler, Clyde

Sheeler, Melvin

Sheets, Cecil

Sheets, Douglas

Sheets, Ernest

Sheets, James

Sherman, Gordon

Shorts, John

Shorts, Thomas

Shorts, William

Shorts, William R. “Rick”

Shreffler, Gerald

Slagle, William “Bill”

Sleeth, Emily

Smith, Albert K.

Smith, Dorothy Danforth

Smith, Junior H.

Smith, Kirth

Smith, Paul

Smith, Ralph M.

Smith, Richard W.

Smock, Kenneth L.

Snow, Matthew P.

Spanogle, James Sr.

Spencer, Sam

Sposkoski, Anthony Walter

Stanford, Harold

Stanford, Howard

Stanford, Janice

Stanford, Ronald

Sterling, Emerson

Stewart, David H.

Stewart, Hugh

Stokes, Jeffrey

Stokes, Joseph “joe”

Stover, Donald

Stover, Justin W.

Swanson, Robert L “Bob”

Swartout, Andrew

Swartout, Jason

Szermeta, Carrie Spencer

Stuart, Don, F.

Szymkiewicz, Eugene

Tanner, H. Eugene

Taylor, William I.

Terril, Marshal

Terwilliger, Roy

Thompson, Chuck

Thurston, Lawrende

Thurston, Robert

Tomer, John Earl

Tomer, Paul Eugene

Townley, Robert

Townley, Robert Jr.

Troutner, Authur Eugene

Troutner, Charles Norman

Troutner, Clarence Edward

Troutner, Paul C.

Troutner, Paul Roland

Vancise, Ray

Vickers, John W. Jr.

Vukovich, George “Babe”

Wade, Merrill A.

Waid, Donald G.

Waid, Fredrick

Waid, Gordon F.

Waid, Joseph

Waid, Kenneth

Waid, Wayne

Waid, William

Walker, Bryon

Walker, Wallace

Wanker, Earl

Ward, William

Warner, Abram

Weatherbee, George

Weber, Joseph

Weed, James

Weingard, Frank

Wetsell, Ray

White, John

White, Newell E.

Whitlatch, Albert M.

Wilcox, Clyde

Wilcox, Francis

Wilcox, George

Wiley, Bryan D.

Wiley, Melvin W. “skeet”

WilLey, Arlo

Willey, Daniel “danny”

Willey, John

Willey, Josiah

Willis, Elmer

Wilson, Daniel F.

Wilson, Jacob

Winans, David

Winans, Samuel

Wise, Thomas S.

Wood, John

Woolstrum, Robert W.

Worley, James D

Worley, James R.

Worley, Robert

Wycoff, Cecil

Wycoff, Elton

Wycoff, Eugene

Wycoff, Lawrence

Wycoff, Robert

Wycoff, W.L.

Yarosh, John

Yarosh, Kolineck

Yarosh, Nicholas

Yarosh, Ted

Yarosh, wasel

Yurisic, Charles

Zebasky, Frank

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The information contained on this website is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by Richmond Township and while we endeavor to keep the information up-to-date and correct, we make no representation or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness or accuracy of the information. For questions regarding this website, please contact the webmaster. Copyright 2015