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 Interested in renting the Richmond Township shelter or building?
                                                     Please contact Dave Crago at 814-967-3551
                                                                                       Shelter Rental - $30.00
                                                                                      Building Rental - $50.00
Note-The building will not be available to rent from
Nov.15th, 2014 through April 01, 2015.

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SETUP for the Haunted Building will be on 
Oct 14, 2014 at 5:45 PM.
Contact Scott for additional info.

The Haunted building is
Oct 17,18,24,25; starting at 6 PM

ICE Bucket Challenge, Sept 18th, 2014
The video can be watched by clicking here
 Thursday September 18th the Townville Lions Club 
(Scott Wheelock, Dave Crago, Matt Capron, Jim Henry), Ann & Harry Zurasky, along with Richmond Township Supervisors (Don James and Bill Taylor), 
held an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at the 
Richmond Township Recreation building. 
In attendance were the Townville Lions, 
Richmond Township supervisors, 
and community members.
At 6:10 around 100 gallons of ice water was dropped on the participants from the townships pay loader 
Operated by Charlie Hartman. 
$280.00 dollars was raised and the Townville Lions Club rounded that amount to the total of $500.00. 
The money that was raised was donated to the family of Tim Dobos. Steven Dobos, the twin brother of Tim was 
there to speak about ALS and the hardships. Steven also participated in the challenge and accepted the check on behalf of his brother.
Supervisor Don James challenged President Lion Matthew Capron to put this challenge forward 
to all the Lion Club’s. 
President Capron then challenged Supervisor James for him to challenge other townships to do the
Ice Bucket Challenge. 
Both James and Capron accepted the challenge from each other. What wonderful and caring community.
The video can be watched by clicking here.
All local Volunteer Fire Departments are in need of your support. Both Monetary and your time, if you can assist. Contact your supervisors and they can put in touch with the proper fire officials.

 Thank you to all the Businesses, Volunteers, and Participants 

who contribute to the Townships activities.

Any Community Group wishing to do a PROJECT involving the township, please contact the township supervisors by phone at 814-967-3822 and leave a message.
Or by fax at 
or email them at:

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