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The John Brown Heritage Association which owns and maintains the old, one-half acre, John Brown tannery site on the south side of New Richmond ---- on the John Brown Road  about 800 feet from the State Road, Route #77, ----  is open for public visitation.  There are two large interpretive displays located there and off-street parking is available.
The Association has a spring meeting on Thursday, May 11th, at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room in the basement of the Cribbs Home, Wesbury in Meadville, at which time a topic of historical interest on mid-19th century American life is presented.
The small museum owned by Gary and Donna Coburn on the old John Brown farm across the road from the tannery site is currently closed.  However, site improvements are scheduled for the Coburn’s property this spring and summer, and the public can walk to the old Brown family cemetery at the top of the hill behind the Coburn’s residence.

NOTE: The lower driveway entrance to the Rec area (nearest Route 77), is no longer available.


The Blue Recycle Bins are being removed.

Expected removal date is BY Dec 28, 2017.

The Crawford County Solid Waste Authority

is shutting down the program.

Listed as reasons for removal of all bins are:

The dumping all types of garbage and rubbish,

some of which contaminated the recyclable materials in the bins,

decreased funding from all government sources,

and a lower resale value for the price of the recyclables.

To continue recycling,

contact your trash hauler for further information.

North Richmond Road pipe replacement project has been completed. This was a co-operative project between Richmond Township and the Crawford County Conservation District which provided a grant to assist in the funding.

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There have been problems with Vehicles parking and blocking snow plows and Anti-Skid applications.  Please be aware that blocking roads from other vehicles passing through can cause issues with EMERGENCY VEHICLES. That response can be for your family or your home.


The Meadville Area Free Medical Clinic offers FREE MEDICAL SERVICES to residents of Crawford County. The services are available to residents between the ages of 18 and 65 who have no medical insurance or are not eligible for medical insurance. The clinic is open Monday 9-12, Wednesday 9-4, Thursday 9-12 & 7-9, and Friday 9-12. Most of the staff volunteer their time, from physicians, nurses, and the office staff. The patients receive their services at no cost.The phone is 814-337-7166. The location is 216 Chestnut  Street, Meadville, PA 16335. If you are in need of medical care and lack insurance, or you can volunteer your time, or contribute money contact them.

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